Finding the Best NSAID for Arthritis Treatment


Being able to walk, run & lifting everything with ease is life’s biggest blessing. But at a certain age or due to certain injury people may lose this ability due to a degenerative disorder called arthritis. A set of best NSAID for arthritis can prove to be vital in this scenario.

Arthritis Is One of the Severe Global Diseases

In the present world, arthritis is becoming the most prevailing cause of physical disability. Coping with arthritis could be very challenging. As movements become complicated, People often go under stress & depression and become socially isolated. The excruciating pain caused by arthritis limits a person’s movement. Hence, making difficult to continue their daily tasks. Well, if not treated arthritis could greatly affect a person’s life.

Arthritis treatment has been progressing over recent years. The prime concern of the doctors is to make a patient relieve from arthritis pain & to preserve normal functioning of joint thereby improving their quality of life. For being able to combat multiple arthritis symptoms, NSAIDs are among the most commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis.

Best NSAID for Arthritis

best NSAID for arthritis medication

They are among the most practiced drugs worldwide for effectively relieving pain & inflammation to a greater extent. But not to forget that NSAIDs come with a wide range of side effects which could be fatal too. Though with low doses and alternative therapies, one can be able to achieve the benefits with a reduced risk of such problems.
Here, referring to the best NSAID for arthritis that is extensively used for the symptomatic treatment.


Ibuprofen (Advil) is very common over the counter medication for treating mild to moderate pain & inflammation caused by arthritis. It’s a non-selective reversible COX inhibitor. An enzyme, responsible for forming chemical that gives rise to pain & inflammation in your body. OTC dose is 200-400mg for three times a day. It is usually advised to administer it after food to avoid stomach upset. The onset of action is about 30 minutes. Patients start seeing the benefits of this anti-inflammatory drug by the second week of using it.
On higher doses, they are found prescribed. Ibuprofen is not as stronger as other NSAIDs. But for having fewer side effects than other NSAIDs make it, the best over the counter medication for arthritis. But one should be aware that overdosing of ibuprofen can vastly affect GIT, leading to the stomach and intestinal bleeding.


Another important anti-inflammatory drug indicated for arthritis is Naproxen. It is sold under the brand name called Aleve. Available as both Over the counter and in prescription strengths.

It has the same mechanism of action but greater effectivity than ibuprofen. Furthermore, a longer duration of action makes it a useful NSAID for arthritis.
The onset of action is 1 hour and the usual dose is 250mg three to four times a day with a maximum of 660mg once daily. Preferred to take after meals. It is most often prescribed for a period of fifteen days because the use of naproxen for a longer duration can cause liver toxicity. For the increasing dissolution rate, Naproxen also comes in the salt form under the brand name Synflex.


Another very important type of NSAID for the management of arthritis pain & inflammation is Celecoxib. It is marketed as (Celebrex, Celebrex). Celecoxib is the first cox-2 inhibitor indicated for arthritis. Due to its reversible selectivity for the COX-2 enzyme, patients taking celecoxib are less likely to develop stomach ulcers & further consequences. Hence, making it an effective arthritis medication. Moreover, recent research shows that individuals taking celecoxib are shown to have improved physical functioning & a significant relief from arthritis pain. The prescribed dose is 100-200mg once or twice a day depending upon the condition. But still, cardiovascular risks may increase with longer use of NSAID. So, it is better to be in consistent touch with your doctor for monitoring your dose and duration of use.


Diclofenac sodium(Voltaren) is also the most prescribed drug for the relief of signs and symptoms of arthritis. Using diclofenac sodium orally for a longer-term or with high doses can increase a person’s chance for developing hepatic and cardiotoxicity. Therefore, usual treatment starts with a low dose of 25mg as immediate release three to four times a day. While extended-release dose is 75mg once a day. Furthermore, diclofenac is the only type of NSAID for arthritis which also comes as a topical gel. This gel shows a significant relief in joint pain of hands and knees. Also, a misoprostol/diclofenac combination is selling under the brand name Arthrotec. It is usually directed to guard the stomach from irritating side effects of NSAID. Especially in patients that are at greater risk of developing stomach ulcers.

A Piece of Advice to Choose the Best NSAID for Arthritis

Best nsaid for arthritis treatment

NSAIDs can be equally effective & pernicious to a person’s health. But due to their efficacy in treating inflammation and pain, we can’t stop using them for arthritis until we have a more effective choice. Therefore, one should use it cautiously and under the guidance of a health care expert.

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