Why Are NSAIDs Regarded as the Best Painkiller for Toothache

best painkiller for toothache

Toothache is considered as a public health problem. Odontogenic conditions, primarily consisting of dental carries & periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis are the most common resources of a severe toothache. People undergoing orthodontic procedures also suffer from acute dental pain. This discomfort can considerably affect a person’s life. Hence, dental pain relief is of utmost importance in dental treatment. Thereby, many OTC drugs are available as the best painkiller for toothache.


Oral pain killers for toothache are the most practiced drugs in dental treatment. Because toothache is the most common consequence of almost every dental disease or procedure. Therefore, choosing an appropriate analgesic is very challenging in dentistry. The key to achieving appropriate analgesia lies in considering the underlying cause & patient’s medical history.
Hence, the best pills for toothache mainly include NSAIDs & analgesics like acetaminophen.

Nsaids for Toothache

When inflammation is the significant problem behind patient’s pain then NSAIDs are the best painkiller for toothache. They are also in conventional use as OTC pain killers for tooth pain. But if the pain persists, It’s is better to see your dentist promptly.

Besides the side effects they possess, NSAIDs have been a remarkable invention in the field of medicine. Taking them for unbearable pain relief at night to prescribing them as preoperative medication to achieve an anesthetic effect. One couldn’t deny the importance they hold in dental treatment. NSAIDs are considering as the best painkiller for toothache that stems from the traumatized soft tissues accompanied by swelling & inflammation. Their effectivity in alleviating pain with less potential side effects(with short term use) has surpassed narcotic opioids & less effective analgesics. Moreover, they are in extensive use for managing pre-operative & post-operative dental pain management.

The following are the few best NSAIDs for toothache that are in wide use for efficiently easing dental pain.

Ibuprofen for Tooth Pain

Ibuprofen for its effective therapeutic profile is a widely used drug to manage pain & inflammation. Hence it’s a popular pain killer worldwide for rapid tooth pain relief.
Before going to the dentist, people often rush to over the counter pain killers for immediate relief from toothache. Ibuprofen exhibits its therapeutic effect in 20-30minutes. It makes itself as the best otc for tooth pain relief. It’s is commonly available under the brand name Motrin & Advil. This, reversible non-selective cox inhibitor in low doses is well tolerable. For this reason, it’s also regarded as the best pain killer for toothache

Moreover, it has also shown efficacy in reducing edema that is a consequence of acute post-operative sequela of dental procedures. Therapeutic doses of about 1200mg to 2400mg  for 3-4 days can significantly eradicate edema formation in about 48 hours after oral surgery.

It has also been reported that in the treatment of reversible pulpitis, a local anesthetic of (1.8cc) for locking a single inferior alveolar nerve is ineffective in 30-80% patients. Because Prostaglandins decrease the nerve response to the local anesthetic. For this reason, premedication with Ibuprofen is employed in achieving the significant anesthetic effect.

Ibuprofen is also extensively using in managing post-operative pain.
Hence, their multiple uses in different aspects of pain management have made them the best NSAID for toothache.

OTC dose of about 200-400mg may not be enough sometimes. However, for severe pain relief higher dose of 600-800mg 3-4 times, a day is best to combat your dental pain. People taking other medications should contact health care experts prior to using ibuprofen. Also, their association with GI & vascular risks limits their use for a longer-term.

Naproxen for Tooth Pain

Another best otc pain killer is naproxen. Naproxen is employed to manage variety of pain.

Naproxen for tooth pain works particularly well in easing pain from the traumatized areas of the mouth. The onset of action is about 1 hour but it might take up to three days for revealing its complete therapeutic effect. Due to it’s longer duration of action they are only needed to administer twice a day.

For improving its oral solubility, it also comes in salt form. Naproxen sodium 550mg is the best thing in easing post-operative toothache. Hence, it’s potency makes it another best NSAID for toothache.

But being nonselective cox inhibitor it is also in tandem with GI bleeding & stroke-like adverse effects. However, low doses for a short period of time do not carry such potential risks.

Acetaminophen for Tooth Pain

For mild to moderate toothache, acetaminophen is another common & yet the best OTC for tooth pain. Acetaminophen( paracetamol) blocks pain signals to the brain. But unlike NSAIDs, it doesn’t cure inflammation.

A study shows that the combination of tramadol, an opioid analgesic, with acetaminophen (75mg/650mg) is more efficient for rapid relief from severe dental pain as compared to either of them alone.

They are also prescribed in combination with other NSAIDs for effectively relieving severe toothache. Also, it posses fewer side effects. Therefore in combination therapy, acetaminophen can be regarded as the best painkiller for toothache.

A Bit of Advice

painkillers for toothache

Ignoring toothache can lead to more excruciatingly painful sensations and other major problems. However, to avoid the recurrence of toothache one should follow good oral hygiene. Also, regular visits to your dentist can easily prevent such complications in life. While OTC drugs like NSAIDs are considered the best painkiller for toothache.

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